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October New Moon in Libra

Today, Friday October 4, 2013 the New Moon will rise in Libra, the sign of balance, equality & justice. This particular Lunation is also referred to as a Hades Moon because of it’s interaction with mysterious & powerful Pluto. As the veil thins & the witching hour approaches we can find majic more accessible & feel empowered in interesting new ways.

imagesLibra is all about relationships, partnerships & community. The ‘lessons’ most often imparted by the Libra influence revolve around making peace with others, establishing order & recognizing the value of cooperation. hadesThere is a strong desire for balance, synergy & harmony in our environment & interactions with others.

Mysterious Pluto resonates strongly with transformation & is associated with the subconscious, ruling ‘that which is under the surface’. This influence often encourages endings & new beginnings as well as spiritual growth & rebirth. There is a great power to be tapped into with Pluto that allows for metamorphosis within ourselves &/or in our interactions with others.

Over the next few days don’t be surprised by a sudden desire to re-evaluate your partnerships, both romantic & professional. Are the ‘scales balanced’ with how much you are giving vs how much you are receiving? Do you feel listened to & respected? Is there reciprocation of energy, time & attention? How are your expectations influencing your level of satisfaction? What are you contributing to the relationship? Could there be changes to the dynamic that would benefit the outcome?

The energy is ripe for dramatic evolution in the interactions that you have, both with yourself & with others. Be aware of the power of Pluto & his tendency to desire great & sweeping change. This could either mean ending a relationship or ending the way you engage in a relationship. You have to ask yourself the question; are you better off with them or without them? Are you being supported to change your perspective through shifting expectations & behaviors within yourself? Or are you being graced with the power to finally disengage from a toxic situation?

If you are struggling with how to fairly weigh & assess your situation or implementing the change you seek, consider my Life Coaching services. I am here to help, I can offer support & guidance through any transformation, evolution or revolution you seek in your life.



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