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Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

This Sunday November 3rd, 2013 early in the morning we will experience a Solar Eclipse in the Scorpio New Moon. The energies abounding over this weekend are highly volatile & apt to make many of us feel ready to burst right out of our skin & explore a new way of being. Or to pull ourselves into a cave & avoid the sense of impending transmogrification that feels threatening in it’s ferocity.

As a Solar Eclipse shadows the Sun it illuminates options for new beginnings & shifts in our awareness. In astrology an eclipse is considered to be a major turning point & a doorway to opportunity. We can capitalize on this cosmic empowerment to create dramatic positive change in our lives. The resonance of this New Moon is particularly intense as there is a myriad of activity in the mysterious & magnetic sign of Scorpio that we can tap into for a real revolution.

In it’s most positive reflection the Scorpion emanates passion, resourcefulness & an inclination to probing perceptiveness that allows for a deep understanding of whatever is focused upon. Be aware of the flip side of the Scorpio vibe which is defensive, secretive, demanding of perfection & can lash out with poisonous force. There can be a tendency to hyper obsess or become overly focused on minutia if we let ourselves be swept away by the intensity of this lunation so be mindful. Overall, this weekend is an exceptional time to harness the heightened Scorpio Eclipse energy to light our path towards healing, abundance & to nurture positive transformation.




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