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Taurus Full Moon

Sunday November 17, 2013 the Full Moon in Taurus will bloom counterbalanced by the Sun in Scorpio. This is also the weekend that the Leonids meteor shower will be at it’s height peppering our planet with comet dust & debris. As the sky lights up with the silvery fullness of our mother moon highlighted with tiny sparkling bits & the temperatures drop, it is the perfect time to find sanctuary & comfort within our homes.



image by B A Vierling

The cosmic story of late has been very centered around serious Scorpio with themes of intensity & determination that has often required our full attention. We have weathered eclipses, retrogrades & a myriad of planets keyed onto transformation, discovery & determination. Many of us have felt an urgency over the last few weeks to know, seek, understand, achieve & change. As the Sun (action) & Mercury (connections) are still in the focused & determined sign of the Scorpion we may continue to feel somewhat driven but we are now blessed this Full Moon with encouragement to recuperate, replenish & renew.



image by B A Vierling

The strong & sensual Taurus energy asks us to focus on our body & on our physical senses, desires & needs. We are compelled now to care for ourselves with tenderness, softness & love. This is the time to hunker down to rest a bit after all that we have endured & accomplished. Get some bodywork, luxuriate in a hot bath, cater to yourself, indulge your senses with incense, candles, good food & lot’s of rest. Spend time with the people who make you feel the safest, happiest & most at ease. Take a break from pushing, running, hurrying & stressing to recharge your heart, soul, spirit & self.


The theme of this next few weeks is to be indulgent, tend to your physical needs, give yourself permission to be pampered & to avoid stressors. Stay away (as best you can) from the takers, suckers & challenging people that are in your life. The holiday season is approaching & soon there will be plenty of time to focus out on giving to others, now is the time to focus IN on ourselves. This Taurus Full Moon gives us the chance to realign ourselves to our true hearts as we divest of stress & tension. This is the time for you to be good to YOU!

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