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December New Moon in Sagittarius

This evening Monday, December 2, 2013 the New Moon will rise in Sagittarius. The fiery sign of targeted optimism is marking the way for powerful Manifestation in your life. As the final New Moon of 2013 it is the perfect time to prepare for greatness in the coming year. The steps to consciously creating your life hinge greatly on being able to envision what you want as well as being open to the opportunities as they present themselves to you.

SagSagittarius resonates strongly with the energy of enthusiasm, honesty, adventurousness & independence. This is a sign of determination & clear hearted seeking of truth & understanding. The archer has keen sight & a knack for seeing far ahead. These are great influences to help support your visioning the coming year. Anything you want to create has to start first with being able to envision it while maintaining enthusiasm. You can use the power of this upbeat New Moon to support you in creating the future that you wish for.

zodiac-1896Almost a hundred years ago an Astrologer & a Clairvoyant teamed up to create the Sabian Symbols, a representation for each of the 360 degrees of the astrological chart. This Dark of the Moon blooms at 10 degrees Sagittarius which is symbolized by “A theatrical representation of the Golden Haired Goddess of Opportunity”. This speaks so strongly of allowing abundance, luck & fate to be preset in your life. A large part of Manifesting is learning how to cultivate the Art of Allowing. Often what we seeks comes in ways we don’t expect so it is critical to be open to receiving in unexpected ways. The message of the cosmos is to trust that forces are working in your favor to bring your dreams into reality & you simply need to focus on being open to the opportunities that WILL present themselves.

The_Last_Centaur_painting_by_dashinvaineTonight while the Dark Sagittarian Moon sweeps the Golden Haired Goddess off her feet to dance in the Sea of Potentiality it is a perfect time to set some intentions for the coming year. Are you looking to change your profession? Have you decided you are ready to find love? Has the time come to create more financial independence for yourself? Is this the year you finally become a parent? Tonight, spend some time envisioning exactly what it is you want & how you will feel when you have it. A key of Manifesting is being able to see what you desire & feeling it deeply while knowing it is yours already. Use the energies at your disposal tonight to give detail & emotional content to your goals as you dream your future into reality & trust you are being guided to receiving all you seek.

Just remember that focusing on the ‘how’ of achieving your goals is the quickest way to defeat & success comes easier when you let go of control. This Dark Sag Moon can help support you in achieving your goals & so can I! Consider my Life Coaching services if you are looking for support in navigating your life or are wishing for more details on how to consciously Manifest. I have successfully helped clients through the divorce process, through moving halfway across the country, changing careers, finding love, overcoming grief, losing weight, returning to graduate school & building their business just to name a few. I hope to be writing more on this in the weeks to come so please support me in my goal of documenting my clients success stories onto my website by bugging me until I do!


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