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Aquarian New Moon

This Thursday January 30th, 2014 is going to bring all kinds of marvelous things into being! There is a New Moon in the sign of the weird & wonderful “out of the box” thinker Aquarius at 10 degrees with a Sabian Symbol of During A Silent Hour, A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life followed closely by Mercury (planet of communication) moving into intuitive & inspirational Pisces, Venus (planet of money & love) coming direct after a lengthy retro period plus the beginning of a New Year in Chinese astrology, the year of the strong & swift Horse. This confluence of events leads to a wonderful opportunity for inspiration, problem solving & creating powerful manifestations.

Picasso's Woman with Pitcher

Picasso’s Woman with Pitcher

The Dark of the Moon always vibrates strongly with beginnings & offers potential for creation but this one in particular, being in the sign of the Water Bearer, resonates with the creative energy to cultivate results, shift perspectives & develop different outcomes. If you have been trying to solve an issue, create change or determine a course of action then this is the perfect time to take ‘a silent hour’ to meditate on ‘new inspiration’ to achieve your goals & overcome obstacles. Be open to sudden inspiration, eclectic solutions, progressive resolutions & ideas that are different than your usual.

Picasso's Venus Et  L'Amour Voleur De Miel

Picasso’s Venus Et L’Amour Voleur De Miel

Once Venus comes direct on Friday she will bring attention to money & relationship issues. There is great opportunity for clarification in these areas as the lovely Goddess turns in our favor & shines brightly upon us. And since Mercury is in intuitive Pisces it is strongly suggested that you pay attention to your dreams, listen to your gut & believe in your ability to be guided to the answers you seek.

PIcasso ~ Horse

PIcasso ~ Horse

We are also celebrating a New Year in Chinese astrology with the arrival of the Year of the Horse. Energetically we can expect things to start to move much quicker than they have been. The Horse signifies family, luck, emotional strength & resillience. They are powerful creatures that live outside of structure or rules, following their hearts to be free & powerful. Be open to living on the “outside” of your norm & forging a new path this year. Expect to be drawn to the outdoors, into adventures & through any trouble with a sure foot guided by your instincts.

All in all we are being supported at this time to find our inspiration & follow our intuitions, be independent & open to incidents of kismet in our lives. Picasso was a Revolutionary, Innovative, Controversial & Passionate; these are all themes that will be prevalent now. Dare to be different, let your gut be your guide & prepare to be in the right place at the right moment. This is the year good things happen! And if you are looking for assistance in tapping into your intuitions, contact me & I can help you connect.

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