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Vision for 2014

On New Years Eve, as we were about to embark into 2014, my children & I took a look at the intentions that we had set for 2013 as a way of bidding the year adieu. We were all very proud & excited to see how successful we had each been in achieving the goals we had set for ourselves a year earlier. A romantic relationship for me as well as an increase in my business, mostly school & organizational objectives for my kids but some major milestones for us all. It was a great way to recognize just how much we had accomplished in the past year. As the night faded into morning & a New Year dawned, I thought about what I want to create for this coming year. Rather then setting personal Intentions, I want to focus on creating a vision of where I want to be by the time the next New Years Eve comes back again.tumblr_lw27osaExA1r1qrlfo1_500

2014 is going to be a year I focus on my business & my desire is to create a place to see clients in & run my business out of. By the end of the year I intend to have a space for my clients & students to come to me that will reflect me & the work that I do. I want it to be inviting, warm, a little mystical, eclectic & interesting. I need a dedicated space for my business where my clients can feel comfortable coming to heal, learn, cry, laugh, grow & connect. I need a space I can sit with someone (maybe 2 someones), either in person or through Skype on the computer, have enough room to read Tarot cards, be comfortable enough to do a guided meditation, have quiet & no distractions to focus better, serve a cup of relaxing tea, be inspired by art & articles of every faith, close to the books I use for reference, candles to spark magic, crystals to empower & productive energy for writing.

originalMy thought is there should be a main space I see my clients in, a nice sized room with a high ceiling & big windows like many of the great old buildings. The theme is victorian mystical bohemian meets artistic eclectic spiritualist in shades of deep purple & red, highlighted in mints & blues. I want fairy lights & a great chandelier plus fixtures of all sizes sporadically placed to illuminate the space in a warm inviting glow. Maybe even a couple of those great cut paper star ornamental lights here & there as wellbakhtiari_persian_rugs_1 as a few wind chimes & whimsical catchers in the corners. The walls will be painted a rich deep color with glossy trim to contrast & a beautiful wood floor only partially covered by a dark oriental rug, matchstick blinds & silk sheer curtains on the windows. I will light incense, sage & grid so the space always resonates with calmness & serenity.

I want to use my current dinning room table as a desk, it is an oval mahogany tressle table that doesn’t particularly thrive with the boys rough treatment but will be perfect for my work space. I have two old Louis xv chairs that I would like to have reupholstered in dark rich damasks as seating for my clients. The old wingback chair my mother gave -fabricme will look great redone in a jewel-toned paisley print for me to sit on behind the table. Something that will make a great colorful backdrop for when I Skype with a client. There will be a brightly colored scarf over the table as well as a smattering of crystals, a simple candelabra, some votives, a box of tissues & a buddha or two but mostly an open space to lay out my cards, rest my laptop or take notes.

A row of book shelves along one wall is a must. A section that would hold just my reference books & totems but then also an area to display the few things I might sell. Some crystals, pendulums, extra copies of my favorite books, incense, bath-salts & candles. I don’t want a retail images-1space per se but I would like to be able to do more then just recommend certain things for my clients, it would be nice to actually assist them in choosing something & put it in their hand. A small buffet table on the other side with an instant tea kettle, a vintage lace doily, an array of tea’s, botanical prints & a few delicate tea cups plus one or two rustic hand thrown mugs. Nothing like sharing a cup of tea to help you relax! An interesting coat rack & painted shelf by the door to leave your things when you come to see me. And of course a small alter to honor the Divine & inspire Blessings for my work will be in a place of prominence.

There will be two other small rooms, one for doing reiki treatments in & a powder room. The reiki room will be mostly just a massage table, decorative water feature, a small table for votives & soothing music. I think a soft color washed on the walls, chinoiserielight crisp sheets & a snuggly crocheted throw to relax under. I want this room to be simple, calming & to feel like a hug from Mother Earth. The small bath will be like an interesting trinket box, intricate wall paper & some flashes of gilding that will make it a special feature. I like a small room with rich details, deep colors & textures that are unexpected in a tight space. Some wonderful wallpaper all over the tiny space with details that catch your eye.

I want you to feel welcome in my work place, relaxed & open to whatever messages I have for you. I’m not sure where it will be but you will find yourself there without difficulties, either by car or by internet. I want you to come for reiki treatments, for Tarot card readings, for meditation, for Life Coaching & to understand yourself in new ways. Come to learnesme_vintage_fortune_teller_postcard-r0632aa4ee46c449283ae525ed97a3189_vgbaq_8byvr_512 how to tap into your Gifts, learn how to let go of the things that pull you down, learn your best next step, learn how to Manifest, learn how to succeed, learn how to live with confidence & an open heart. In this space I want to share with you how to be strong, self reliant, balanced, joyous & how to see, interpret & believe the messages sent to you every day. I want to help you reach your goals, find your dreams, listen to your Guides, gain closure, realize your potential & connect to your Higher Self. I want this space to be your haven, your inspiration & your sanctuary. And for me too, I want this space to be a safe place where I can open myself to you, to Spirit & to the world to share, commune, learn & grow too. Will you come visit me?

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