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Pisces New Moon Reflection

The Dark of the Moon is always a time for reflection & analysis, a time for new beginnings & fresh starts. This Saturday March 1 2014 we have a New Moon in Pisces flanked by astral events that make this weekend an even keener point for reflection & retrospection. You can read about the influences of the Pisces New Moon here & here but in this blog I want to focus more on the effects of the other cosmic happenings at this time.

mercuryThis Dreamy New Pisces Moon is flanked by Mercury going direct & beginning to move forward the day before with Mars going retrograde & moving backwards later on in the day. Mercury is the planet of communication & relationships while Mars rules our actions & will power. When the red planet moves backwards we find ourselves focused inward, becoming self reflective & introspective. This can also effect marsour decision making process as we can find ourselves second guessing our instincts & disregarding our gut. With the planet of connection & communication moving forwards out of a retrograde period we are often flooded with erratic energy that makes decision making difficult. We can feel overwhelmed with information & uncertain how to act on it. In a nut shell, this is not the weekend to be making any important decisions.

Instead, take advantage of the creative (pisces) energy that is flowing to look at our connections (mercury) and our actions (mars) with a new (moon) perspective. What are the priorities in your life & how do your actions reflect this? Are your values imbedded in your words & how might you express yourself clearer? Where are you happiest & how can you spend more time there? Is there something more you wish for & why don’t you have it? Could your definition of success be getting in the way of you feeling successful?

Over the weekend spend some time in deep philosophical thinking & analysis of your inner world, your true nature & the life that you are actually living. Take a look at yourself, celebrate what makes you proud & evaluate where you might like to make some changes. This is an opportunity for fresh perspectives & a new understandings of ourselves & the life we are living so that we might ensure of our momentum towards a happy, more fulfilled life. And if you are looking for help in figuring out how you can make some adjustments, consider my Life Coaching services. I have helped many clients find their way into happier lives, contact me & I would be proud to help you too!

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