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Aries New Moon in March

images-3Today Sunday March 30th, 2014 we welcome the New Moon in Aries & the vibe is one of new beginnings & personal power. At this time both the Sun & the Moon charge into the first sign in the zodiac, the mighty ram Aries. The New Moon is always a good time to start a project or commit to making a change & the gusto, confidence & innovation of Aries will energize us to not just try something new, but master it.

images-1We are encouraged now to focus on our inner life & evaluate our relationship with ourselves. The potent Aries energy will give us a boost in personal courage, constructive objectivity & assertive confidence. Ask yourself the hard questions: How might I be sabotaging my own goals? Is there something I could do to promote a greater sense of accomplishment for myself? What am I doing to create my own success? Am I being proactive in achieving my goals? In what ways can I get out of my own way?

imagesThe Ram shows us how we can learn through action & experience so we are more likely to follow a hunch & take a risk. With the support of this powerful energy we can revitalize ourselves through an experience that is fresh & new, break our routines or embark on an adventure of transformation. You can take mastery of your experience & be supported to create new habits for yourself. Now is the time to harness the powerful Aries energy to propel you into the life you want to be living!

images-2And you don’t have to go it alone! With my Life Coaching services I offer support & inspiration to help you through your transformations. Change can be scary, even with the warrior Aries goading you on & lending strength. Sometimes there is nothing more helpful then having someone cheering for you as you find your way. I can provide unique & intuitively informed perspective, share tools & techniques all while offering support & encouragement as you find your way to the life you want.


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