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March Full Virgo Moon

Tomorrow Sunday March 16, 2014 the Full Moon will rise in Virgo countering the Sun in Pisces. This is a Moon that inspires us to find a balance within our every day routines & our inspirational dreamings. Grounded Virgo focuses on daily functions, physical health & the need for order. Intuitive Pisces asks us to focus on spiritual health, visionary influences & the infinite.

Earth & Sky. Work & Service. Selfish & Selfless. Practical & Emotional. Doer & Dreamer. Body & Spirit.

We are all of these things & need to acknowledge all of these parts of ourselves. If you have been analyzing where you are then it’s time to dream about where you are going.  If you have been doing then it is time for being. If you have been planning then it is time to act. If you have been imagining what you want then it is time to make it happen. If you have been pushing yourself then it is time to sit down to meditate. If you have been afraid then it is time to trust.

Find balance in this Full Virgo Moon as we start to move from dark to light, winter to spring, cold to warm. Honor who you are as you use all of your tools to create your life as you wish it to be. This is a great weekend to be inspired to make a change, shift your dynamic & transform your life.

If you are seeking movement in your life’s course but are unsure how best to proceed please consider my Life Coaching services. Sometimes all we need is an objective perspective to help us see the best course, a supportive voice to maintain momentum when the navigation becomes tricky & a caring coach to inspire us to make more informed decisions.


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