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April Full Libra Moon Eclipse

Early in the morning on Tuesday April 15 2014 we will be blessed with an eclipse of the Full Libra Moon by the Sun in Aries. This is a powerful counter point focusing on our relationships & interpersonal dynamics, this is the time to transform yourself & your relationships for the better. I wrote about the energies that are predominate for the Libra Moon with Aries Sun here but this collaboration is intensified even more by the effect of the eclipse.

An eclipse is a time for course corrections & adjustments, a time to reconnect with our goals & better equip ourselves for success. Often this comes in the form of sudden changes, surprising revelations & intensely transformative interactions. If you have been looking to make an adjustment, transform a part of your life or get rid of an old pattern then this is a powerful week to harness the energy of the cosmos & empower yourself!

Eclipses always come in pairs, a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon for letting go of what isn’t working followed by a solar eclipse at the New Moon to welcome a beginning of something new. As the dynamics of this first eclipse focuses on the energies of Libra (relationships) being shadowed by Aries (self) expect the spotlight to be on the way you interact with others, what you tolerate from others, where you draw your lines & when you feel you are happiest. Often we find the energy of an eclipses bringing up feelings of lack or need & this can trigger a crisis that acts to sever relationships or conversely to create even stronger bonds between people.

This is the time to get really clear about what you want, where you want to go & who you want to be. This is the time to look closely at your relationships, at your life, at yourself & identify the blocks that are preventing you from finding what you want, from maintaining your happiness, from accomplishing your goals. This is the time to harness the energy of the eclipse to release the patterns, habits & programing that are inhibiting you. This is the time to be joyful as you let go of that which no longer serves you!

Change can be scary & though rewarding, transformation is often difficult. But you don’t have to go it alone! I can help you in many ways, as a reader (to answer questions), as a healer (to provide reiki), as a teacher (to offer guidance) & as a coach (to offer support) so don’t hesitate to contact me! And make sure to check back for my next blog which will center on the coming New Moon eclipse in Taurus in 2 weeks.

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