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April New Moon Eclipse in Taurus

On Tuesday April 29th, 2014 a New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse will beam with transformational energy ready to be harnessed for our own personal development. I wrote about the potent Taurus influence on the New Moon here & the effect the eclipse energy has here. We experienced a Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago which was about releasing & letting go to make room for something new. Now we come into the time of realignment, creation & transformation, the time for sowing the seeds to manifest that which we desire.

Manifesting is driven by our emotions, when we feel a particular way strongly we become a magnet for experiences that will create more of that particular emotion. The correct progression of events is we are happy & therefore successful (to affirm that happiness) rather then success creating our happiness. This is the heart of the Law of Attraction. When we are joyful, more joyous experiences are drawn to us. When we are feeling lucky, more luck comes our way. And so a big part of consciously manifesting a desired result is holding onto the vibration of the emotion that will come with the attainment of our goal.

Today or tomorrow (or both) set aside some time to focus on the feelings that are attached to the fulfillment of the goals you want to achieve. Even just 10 minutes of sustained emotional resonance will work like a powerful magnet to draw the outcome you want. Don’t get so wrapped up in the visualization of your success or focused on the feeling of desire for it, instead key in on the way that you will feel in the completion of that achievement. The details of what you want are not where your attention should be in this exercise, instead pay close attention to the way you will feel in the moments of having your dreams come true.

Be the love that will burst from you as you gaze into your one true loves eyes & see their love reflected back at you. Feel the deep satisfaction & stability that comes with getting that promotion. Beam proudly & with joyful awe as you will when you hold your child for the very first time. Lose yourself in the intense sense of pride & accomplishment as when you read your acceptance letter. Embody the sense of freedom & relief that comes with the windfall of cash that is headed your way. Remember that Gratitude is the Attitude & layer it into your vibration. Hold the essence of the feelings attached to the goal & use the power of the Law of Attraction to draw your future to you.

If you are interested in amping your manifesting up to the next level consider some of my services. I offer powerful guided meditations that can be personalized for your particular goals, insightful Tarot readings to provide inspirations into your best next move, healing Reiki sessions to bring calm & focus into your being as well as Life Coaching to give support & guidance to you. You don’t have to go it alone!



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