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Full May Moon in Scorpio

images-2Today May 14th 2014 the Full Moon will bloom in intense Scorpio countered by the Sun in sensual Taurus. The Full Moon is a time of high emotions, turbulent energy & culminating events. It’s a time for reflection & a time for letting go. With probing Scorpio & passionate Taurus ruling we can expect this to be a particularly emotional Moon with a focus on our relationships & our home.

The balance of this Moon will be between me/mine (Taurus) and you/yours (Scorpio). As the Sun shines in earth sign Taurus we are encouraged to be happy, carefree & focused on the simple pleasures of life. With the Moon reflecting in water sign Scorpio our attention is drawn to change, suspicion & transformation on a deep level. Taurus tells us to ‘mellow out’ & enjoy ourselves while Scorpio insists that we ‘get deep’ & figure out what is going on. This pull can lead to Unknown-1some interesting explorations of our motivations & our secret desires. If we can maintain a balance here we can find ourselves in a perfect position/disposition to work on & through our keenest felt wounds with patience, persistence & love.

Most of humanity though has a hard time with finding balance so this next two weeks is likely to be intensely volatile. Abrupt declarations, sudden suspicions & keenly felt betrayals will abound. We are more likely to feel our personal space infringed upon, less likely to want to share & many will feel the need to loudly declare “mine!”. The most important thing any of us can do during this time is take a few deep breaths & a moment of reflection while we remember the second of the Four Agreements, Don’t Take Anything Personal. The first images-3one will come in handy as well, Be Impeccable With Your Words. And the third, Don’t Make Assumptions. This is actually the perfect time to pull out the book the Four Agreements to read the whole thing!

The bull is stubborn & can be prone to emotional outbursts, the scorpion can be quick to lash out defensively & attack so keep these impulses in mind when interacting with others. While there is apt to be some hot-headed reactions & hurtful words being thrown about there will also be an opportunity to assess & recognize our own knee jerk imagesresponses to situations, ideas & people. Take note of what it is that triggers you & notice the thoughts that linger over the next few weeks as this is a time when our deepest fears, oldest wounds & darkest impulses will be coming to the surface to be illuminated in the healing light of the Full Moon.

And remember, you don’t have to go it alone! If you are finding yourself having a difficult time please contact me. I can offer clarity, comfort & coaching to help you through whatever you may be struggling with.


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  1. 1 ann martin says:

    That explains everything! Thanks Honey. Time for a visit, sharing, pull out the tarot?