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Gemini New Moon

Today is a New Moon in Gemini & it brings with it a necessity for discernment & skepticism towards all that we are perceiving. There is a strong pull from the planet Neptune as it squares this Moon which will create some confusion, obstrufication & delusions to our understanding of events, people & decision making. There is also an opportunity to understand things/people/ideas in a different way but it is important to stay mindful of the potential for misunderstandings. We must be prepared to take everything with a grain of salt, be skeptical (even of ourselves & the babble in our brains) & use our intuitions to guide us through this period of time.


During a New Moon we are drawn to start projects, begin on a new path or make important decisions. The influence of quixotic Gemini brings the focus towards the way we interact with others, onto our communications, relationships & social life. Neptune is the planet of illusion & fantasy bringing confusion & uncertainty into the mix. The interplay of these energies means that we are more likely to be deceived, less likely to comprehend a situation accurately & inclined to flights of fancy. Our intuitions & inner knowings are crucial at this time as our other senses are effected by this confluence of strange & powerful energies. Eyes can be blinded, our preconceptions can influence our determinations, words can have multiple meanings & uses but you know what you know in your heart & must trust that inner knowing.



The duality of the Gemini, the uncertainty of Neptune & innocence of the Dark Moon all conspire to make this a period of time where we should take a second or even third look at decisions we make, opportunities that present themselves & interaction we have with others to make sure we are utilizing our intuition to guide us as much as we can. Anything can be rationalized & analyzed to fit a storyline, perceptions of tone & intent are easily shifted or skewed away from actuality, what we may be certain is intended may be the furthest thing from the truth. Be skeptical, take your time before jumping to conclusions, refrain from being rash & most importantly check in with your gut as you navigate through this uncertain time.

3 Responses to “Gemini New Moon”

  1. 1 Tom Henry says:

    Thank you for your guidance. I take stay patient and think before acting.

  2. 2 Melina says:

    How long will this period of confusion last?

  3. 3 Serafice says:

    it should be easing off over the next week