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Cancer New Moon

Today June 27, 2014 early in the morning the Dark Moon rises in gentle Cancer bringing opportunity for growth, beginnings & fresh starts. This is a sign that focuses on our emotional life, our family life & our sense of security. I wrote about some of the influences we will be feeling over this weekend here. This watery sign is a reflection of the divine feminine who nurtures & protects us all so don’t be surprised to find yourself drawn to water, warm hugs & the women that we love.

Artwork by Dolan Geiman.  Photo by David Ettinger.

Crab by Dolan Geiman in vintage paper collage print on paper

The sign of Cancer is represented by the Crab & shares many of the characteristics of this sea-creature. Immersed for the most part in & around water (the element of our emotions) the crab learns to ‘go with the flow’ & find it’s way through movements that are (to the outside observer) peculiar, in-direct & odd. They are protective of themselves & of their territory but can often be found working together with their clan for the betterment of both. They repurpose found objects, progress in unique ways & revel in complex relationships with diverse communication methods.

Artwork by Dolan Geiman.  Photo by David Ettinger.

Crab by Dolan Geiman in rescued wood, acrylic & found objects


As we find ourselves awash in Cancerian energy (& possibly tumultuous or sensitive feelings) this weekend we may find it difficult to be direct, get to the point or stay on task. We may also find ourselves drawn to re-evaluate our word choice, re-work our solutions & re-build our projects in startling ways. While the New Moon energy encourages us to start the Cancer influence will ask us to ‘think out-side of the box’ so that we can work in different modalities. This would be a great time to connect with old friends, seek guidance from someone who inspires you or take a completely different path. Or even focus again on that old problem you have yet to figure out by letting the unconventional influences of this lunation guide you to ‘go with the flow’ into an entirely unique solution.


Crab by Dolan Geiman in acrylic & silkscreen on wood

This will not be a time for the usual routine, dogmatic patterns, ingrained habit or standard operating proceedure. Break out of your humdrum & allow this nurturing New Moon to guide you into new ways of thinking, being & interacting. Be open to inspiration from divergent perspectives & unusual directions. Allow yourself to be supported by our cosmic mother to follow the path to new adventures & fresh joys in the light of the Cancerian New Moon. And remember, you don’t have to go it alone!


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