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June Full Moon

Tomorrow Friday 13th, 2014 the Full Moon in Sagittarius will rise counterbalanced by the Sun in Gemini heralding what might be a difficult weekend for many of us. In addition to the superstitious air surrounding the occurrence of the date & the pull of the moon on our emotions we also have Venus bringing the focus to our relationships through a dance with Saturn the teacher while Mars demands & Mercury obscures.

she is the moon

When the Moon is full we often find our emotions responding like the ocean tides, rising & crashing with tumultuous force. Remember that with this external influence we can allow ourselves to get swept up into feelings that are not our true heart centered beliefs. Gemini is the communicator so be careful of your words & interpretations as it’s ruler Mercury is in retrograde allowing for misunderstandings to abound. Saturn wants us to learn & grow so will insist on inspiring healing through creating situations highlighting our personal triggers. These issues, memories & feelings come up to be worked through, processed & released, not to be obsessed over or exalted. Also keep in mind that the impetus from Mars at this time to be strong & stand up for ourselves can easily be pushed too far into the realm of the bully so watch out for tyrannical rants. Stay mindful in the moment, aligned with your truth & aware of your ultimate goals & intentions in any given exchange.

purple moon

This weekend many of us will be offered an opportunity to heal old wounds, renew bonds, share deeply felt emotions & express through cathartic release. Passions will be high, intense energy will abound & tempers may flare as communications & relationships are tested. We may find ourselves drawn outside by the adventurous Sagittarius spirit & we can create healing through connecting with the earth energies. Go for a hike, dance it out on the beach, try power yoga on the lawn with the grass tickling your toes, find a peaceful tree to meditate under, explore the botanical gardens, picnic with your family, relish in nature however you are moved to just be sure to release, express, let go & allow yourself to find succor with the Moon.

moon meditation


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