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New Virgo Moon

Today August 25, 2014 the Dark of the Moon blooms in demure Virgo emphasizing organization, pride in accomplishment & the little details. This earth sign is all about rolling up your sleeves to get the work done & having a sense of satisfaction in completing a task. The New Moon is a time of beginnings, fresh starts & new ventures so the theme of this week is ‘getting started’. I wrote about the potent Virgo energy effecting us here as well as here, this is a prime time to take advantage of the cosmic energy to initiate change.


Change can be stressful even when it’s for the better. (Promotion, weight loss regime, starting graduate school) Choosing to act differently then you have been can be scary. (Giving up vices, changing communication techniques, shifting ingrained thought patterns) Deciding that the unknown is better then the known can be overwhelming. (Divorce, mid-life career change, moving across the country alone) Having the universe create change without your input can be downright terrifying. (Death of a loved one, unexpected pregnancy, health issues) But for all the dreading & stressing & fighting, change will always happen. It is inevitable. There is no avoiding changes in our lives, even our body is regenerating itself every few years.

warrior woman

Lucky for us, there is support available to help ease the transitions & make initiating, navigating & coping with changes less stressful. Cosmic events like today’s Virgo New Moon can give us the impetus to create change, adjust quicker or try something out of our comfort zone with less resistance. And Life Coaches like me mean you don’t have to go it alone! (Yes, I’m going to toot my own horn here) I’m good at what I do. I’m REALLY good at what I do, blending new age techniques & time honored traditions with my own personal experience & psychic twist to help my clients find whatever it is they are seeking. That list of changes in the above paragraph? All real life situations that I have helped people transition through. I assist my clients in not just surviving but finding a way to thrive in their new life, position or state of being & feeling supported through it all. I can help you too, all you have to do is contact me & we can start right away!


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