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Full Pisces Moon

The Threashold by Sulamith WulfingOn Monday September 8th, 2014 late in the evening the Full Moon will rise in dreamy Pisces balanced by the Sun in demure Virgo. This will be another Super Moon & while not as near or as strong as last months, it is a lunation that will pull at our emotions more strongly then most. It’s an important time to stay objective, protected & empowered.

Mermaid detail by Sulamith WulfingMore then any other astrological influence, sensitive Pisces is about intuition & emotion. As we are under the sway of this water sign we are apt to find ourselves more psychic, more emotional & more susceptible to the influences of others. Add to this the pull of the Moon which already wants us to dive deep into the river of our emotions as well as the Virgo tendency for anxiety through over analyzation & we may well be feeling over-wrought, overwhelmed or even over-done! This is prime time for break-downs or break-throughs, use your tools to stay centered & true to your goals.

Princess by Sulamith WulfingIt’s important that we maintain perspective of ourselves & our emotions as these cosmic events tug at us. Try to not take things personally & remember that we are each having our own unique existence that is colored by individual experiences & history. This Moon will want us to cry, rage, shout & express ourselves vibrantly. Be mindful of this influence & make space for these expressions in a compassionately respectful way that honors ourselves & others. Journalling is a great tool for releasing without vomiting our emotions all over anyone else. Meditation will help us stay centered as we process through our emotional responses as well as give us more patience for dealing with others.

by Sulamith WulfingProtection is also a key aspect now as we are going to find ourselves more vulnerable to the feelings, thoughts & beliefs of others. You can prepare yourself with Lavender essential oil on your pulse points as you get ready for your day since this is highly protective on all (mind, body, spirit) levels. Keep crystals on you such as Fluorite & Amethyst to protect your psychic & spiritual connections. Or use grounding stones like Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz which will help keep you clear of attachments from others. If you have had a particularly eventful day, I would also recommend smudging with sage to help cleanse your etheric & energetic body. And then a long, hot soak in a salt bath for relaxing & rejuvenating your physical form. And you don’t have to go it alone! As always, you can contact me if you feel you need some additional support through this Moon.

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