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Scorpio New Moon Eclipse


This Thursday 10/23/2014 we will be graced with a New Moon in Scorpio amped up by a scintillating Solar eclipse. Every month the Moon goes dark providing us an opportunity for renewal but only rarely are we able to harness the power of the Sun through an eclipse to manifest significant transformation & evolution. When we are aligned with the energies of the solar eclipse we are able to utilize it’s brilliant power to create magnificent & marvelous changes, emerging like a phoenix to delight in our new focus, new form, new face & new flow. This energy is about beginnings, endings & transformation. An eclipse cycle takes about 6 months to come to fruition but the seeds are planted now.


The energy of this eclipse will align with the Scorpio themes of intimacy, sharing, money, secrets & power. Character traits associated with this intense fixed water sign are passionate, resourceful, focused, deep, perceptive & controlling. We may find ourselves reviewing our relationships to determine how well we may (or may not) be maintaining healthy connections. This is also a time to make an assessment of what make us feel out of control & work towards freeing ourselves from what is holding us back. We are encouraged as well to look, to see, to find our answers in the hidden spaces & the shadowy depths where we often fear to tread. This is when we are able to really study & understand our selves, our motives as well as our interactions with others. The message of Scorpio is “quality over quantity” so seek out exceptional experiences, deeper connections, profound understanding & full immersion into our environment.


When we seek to make changes we often forget that to create, we must first destroy. Before we can welcome something new we have to let go of the old. Many times we want our prize first before we have to relinquish the place-holder but rarely will reality co-operate. The phoenix can only rise out of ashes. Learning to let go is a vital part of manifesting the life you are seeking & this New Moon eclipse can help you figure out how to keep your flow going to get yourself where you want to be through letting go. What are you holding onto that is preventing you from receiving what you want? How are you keeping yourself from your victory? In what way are you engaging in self-destructive behavior? Are you prepared to trust in yourself, in your dreams, in your guides?


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