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Full Taurus Moon

bronze age sky disk

bronze age sky disk

Today November 6, 2014 the Full Moon blooms in earthy Taurus balanced by insightful Scorpio. Taurus is grounded, sensual, loving & strong. Scorpio is seductive, intense, probing & resourceful. This potent mix combined with the influence of Saturn (the Teacher) & Uranus (the Magician) makes this next few weeks a time of discovery, recovery & liberty.

Expect your issues to be triggered especially those relating to self worth & self esteem as Venus (Goddess of Money & Love) figures prominently. We will find ourselves encouraged to shift old patterns, provided with the insights to recognize what is holding us back & empowered to release our blockages. The energies are available for us to excavate our inner selves so we can unearth what no longer serves us & surrender it to the Moon.

As we grapple with who we are vs who we want to be it will be vitally important to nourish ourselves on all levels. Loving ourselves is critical especially as we seek change in ourselves. Sensual Taurus will focus us on finding comfort in our sense of taste, touch, smell & sight. The Full Moon is always a great time to feed the spirit with meditation, a luxurious salt bath, kirtan or community gatherings. Be sure to indulge yourself with good food, good company & a good nights sleep to recharge your batteries over this weekend. Healing is hard work even when supported by a glorious lunation such as this. And remember that you don’t have to go it alone! If you need some guidance, support or affirmations just contact me.

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