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The Giving of Thanks

stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-03295It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have so very much to be grateful for!

I am grateful for my healthy, bright children who bring me joy every day.

I am grateful for finding love again & being able to share my life with a wonderful man.

I am grateful for my clients who trust in me to help them; they are my inspiration & watching them heal, learn & grow is such a gift.

stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-01995I am grateful for my friends who have supported me, laughed with me & listened to me.

I am grateful for my family without who’s love & support I would be adrift.

I am grateful for the shifts I see happening in the world around me; I am hopeful that freedom & equality will continue to expand throughout our society to truly encompass each of us regardless of race/sex/orientation.

I am grateful for the opportunities that have come to me this year to build my business, expand my understanding of my gifs & revel in my human experience.

I am grateful for my body; it may not alway look, feel or respond they way I would like it to but it keeps moving me forward into another day.

I am grateful for you, for your support & interest in what I have to share. Thank you!

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