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New Moon Winter Solstice

This Sunday December 21st 2014 we have a magical New Moon Winter Solstice in stable Capricorn. The Dark of the Moon always provides a chance for a fresh start & this alignment is augmented by additional cosmic activity that heralds in the necessary grounding force to really enable you to take chances, make changes & create momentum. I’ve written about the Capricorn themes here & here but this potent energy gets directed squarely at our goals with a real umph from the rebirth & renewal solstice frequency. It’s time to get something started!

The Capricorn effect on this lunation is to focus you on your ambitions, strengthen your confidence & stabilize your determination so don’t wait until the New Year to set your intentions for 2015. The energy of the Winter Solstice New Moon resonates strongly with the power to adjust behavior, adapt expectations & activate plans. You are granted organizational flexibility, progressive ingenuity & persistent resilience this weekend so be sure to take advantage of it!

Set aside some time on Sunday to take at look at your goals for the coming year, runs some numbers, make a schedule & scheme your plans while resonating with Solstice moon vibrations. This New Moon graces us with the ability to set attainable goals, develop our common sense & nourish our dreams in a realistic fashion. Even if your next 2 weeks is filled with celebrations, reunions & rejoicing, you can at least have a frame work set in place for how you want to start the New Year.

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