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Pisces New Moon Eclipse

Friday March 20th, 2015 is a magically mystical fishy day in our corner of the cosmos. It is a Super MOON (when the moon is at it’s closest to us), a New MOON (a time of beginning) in the last moments of the last sign of the zodiac (29 degrees pisces), an eclipse (the ultimate kick starter) plus the Spring Equinox (the point of equanimity just before we move from darkness into the light) whew! All this activity points to endings & beginnings with a zing & a zang & a zazzle. Even if we are not manifesting direct change into our lives many of us will feel vibrant potential shimmering all around us.

Being the end of the zodiac cycle gives Pisces a learned air & allows for insights into all that came before bringing a strong energy of calm understanding of others as well as a desire to be of service. This receptive sign is intuitive, inquisitive, emotional, caring, tender & open minded. They seek to help, not to judge & they wish to assist, not to obstruct. The themes of passion, art, expression & knowledge are strong with this sign as is a dreamy, mystical, spiritual air.

magical_fish_v_by_frodok-d3gh86g-1With the Solar eclipse we find the MOON obstructing the light of the sun which brings an extra-ordinary vibration into the mix. Things are not business as usual! Expect the unexpected. Hold onto your expectations with an open palm & prepare to be dazzled! Surprises abound! Things are moving & shaking, shifting & changing, starting & beginning. It’s best to emulate the fish as much as possible during the turmoil: let go & go with the flow.

magical_fish_vii_by_frodok-d4e7nl3At this time we want to focus on our compassion, our ability to accept (ourselves & others), our desire to help & the power of belief. You may feel compelled to take a leap of faith, start a creative endeavor, re-imagine a project, shift your perspective & above all, let things go. Release judgments, expectations & the irritations about ‘how things should be’. Even if things appear to be falling apart, they are in fact aligning. Trust in the process, just keep on swimming!


Wherever Pisces rules your personal charts is where you may find a desire for change. Or find change knocking on the door, looking for you! Pay attention to your dreams & any ‘little voices’ that speak up right now as the sub-conscious is awoken by the eclipse energy. You know what you need but often that knowing is hidden behind your everyday worries, thoughts & feelings. Let the energy of the eclipse, that change in energetic perspective, open you to receiving from your True Self.

Change is hard, transformation is tough & the unknown can be daunting. But you don’t have to go it alone! If you are finding this potent lunation a little much, please contact me, I can help you adjust into the flow.


One Response to “Pisces New Moon Eclipse”

  1. 1 Betsy says:

    Thankyou for the informative post on this extraordinary Equinox….I am a yoga teacher & just facillitated an Equinox flow consciously eclupsing in and out what we want in our lives & what we need to release….it was beautiful to watch the flow of conscious transformation…!