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Virgo March Full Moon


Today March 5th 2015 we are blessed with a Full MOON rising in deliberate Virgo counter balanced by the Sun in lyrical Pisces. I wrote about the balancing pull of this pairing here & here. This lunation more then any other of the year is about freeing yourself in preparation for new beginnings. Spring is nearly here! Really, I promise! There are great & wondrous things coming for you so prepare, make room & let go so that you may receive in grace. Whether you need an emotional, mental or physical release there are things that you can do to help generate the open, flowing energy that will make this easier for you. There is a synchronicity to your life that allows you to create & support a tone of welcoming ‘letting go’ through a variety of techniques such as:

  • yin yoga (this gentle practice is all about releasing into the pose)
  • water cure (20 oz at wake up will flush your system & promote health)
  • dandelion tea (brew 2 cups a day for an easy diuretic)
  • meditation (imagine yourself as a blooming flower gently opening)
  • affirmations (I let go of my past to allow my future to unfold)
  • salt bath (release while relaxing)
  • FITYMI (act as if healing has already happened)
  • mantra (chant Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha to remove obstacles)
  • sauna (fir or steam to sweat it out)
  • EFT (a powerful technique of release also called tapping)


let it all hang out

letting it all hang out

You may also find yourself inclined to organize your closet, sift through your junk drawer, straighten up your desk, start sorting through your things for donation/yard-sale options or dive into spring cleaning. Casting off, forgiving, baring yourself, shredding the cocoon, allowing absolution, shearing the bonds, preparing the way, letting the past be done & over are the themes of this MOON. We are being encouraged to focus on our coming shift, to relinquish habits/thought patterns/relationships that no longer serve us so that we might be ready to embrace a new way of being a happier version of ourselves. As always, if you are feeling a need for some additional help, please consider my services, you don’t have to go it alone! A card reading to give you perspective, a relaxing reiki session for release or a supportive Life Coaching program are all available, just contact me. I can help you through.



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