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Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

This Saturday April 4, 2015 we are graced with a full MOON in gentle Libra eclipsed from the Sun in fiery Aries. This is a magical & potent time brimming with possibilities as shadows are revealed, connection are made or broken & the hidden is illuminated. A Lunar eclipse shines a spot light of understanding on our relationships creating an opportunity for transformation, the impulse to embrace our true selves & the supportive synergy of the cosmos to achieve our potential. Anything is possible! This spring lunation is the counterpoint to the fall eclipse I wrote about here & we may find some of the same themes coming up in our lives.

The energy of a Lunar eclipse tends to create a ‘crisis of lack’ where we suddenly become acutely aware of a great & urgent need or want that must be attended to. We may use this powerful momentum to sever a relationship or to strengthen our resolve to retain a bond. The relationship may not be between two people as we could find ourselves triggered regarding our work, our health, our homes, our faith or our passions. This is a time when things previously unknown break free & become insistently conscious. It is a time when we can tap into our own Divine nature & align ourselves with our ultimate potential. It is a time of birth, rebirth & renewal. Of purpose, of love, of self.

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