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New Aries Moon

Tomorrow Saturday April 18, 2015 the New Aries Moon will burst forth heralding fresh beginnings. I wrote about this lunation here & all the glorious energy compelling us into unknown territories at this time. The vibration of this action oriented sign of the Ram is go! now! do! This is the time to try something different, time to be innovative, time to take action with gusto & confidence. Now is when we embark on fresh adventures, now is when we get into the start of something, now is when we begin, now is the time of NEW.


The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is The Music of the Spheres illustrating our ability shift into cosmic alignment with our true potential & achieve through letting go. During this time it’s important to stay centered & grounded within so that you can discern options, make clear decisions & determine the best course as you navigate through your own particular beginning. Face your doubts, your conflicting desires, your fear of loss as you let go of the old story. Let Aries lend you courage & strength as you embrace your path.


Change is always scary, even as we are making positive shifts & welcoming our fondest desires into our reality, the fear can creep in. The natural rhythm of life insist on release, renew, regain; we must trust in this process as we shift towards our goal. Stay focused on your destination, keep objective about your future & be clear about what you want. Embrace your new vision, nurture this new story & sing your new song. You can do this! Be brave & step beyond your old into your NEW. You are aligning with your purpose, shifting into the flow of the universe, embracing the beauty of this world & your place in it.


And you don’t have to go it alone! If you feel like you need support, inspiration, clarity or calming reiki, please feel free to contact me.

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