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May Scorpio Full Moon

This Sunday May 3, 2015 we will be blessed with a glowing full MOON shining brightly in Scorpio balanced by the brilliant Sun in Taurus. This lunation illuminates that pull between form (taurus) & transformation (scorpio). It is a sensual combination that I wrote about here with strong creative & adventurous energy for us to tap into.



The Sabian Symbol for this MOON at 13′ Scorpio is A Telephone Lineman at Work Installing New Connections so our focus naturally shifts to our network, our web, our communications & our relationships. It’s all about how we connect; how we conjoin to our bodies, how we bond to our loves, how we combine with our allies, how we affiliate with our dreams, how we fasten to our beliefs & how we align to our true nature.


Over the weekend take some time to check in with your connections. Think about all the ways you interact with the world, with your self & with your goals. Are you using positive self-talk? Do you know how to advocate for yourself? Have you nurtured relationships that are mutually beneficial? Give a little extra thought to how you connect, meld or adjoin with your goal while being open to whatever new paths the MOON may illuminate for you.


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