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New Taurus Moon

Today, Monday May 18, 2015 we are graced with a New Moon in the grounded sign of Taurus. While a Full Moon focuses our attention on releasing & letting go the New Moon initiates changes, beginnings & fresh starts. This lunation in the sign of the mighty bull asks us “What are you ready to begin?”

The influence of Taurus on this New Moon brings a sensual, physical vibration into the mix. It’s time to stop to smell the roses, indulge your senses, dance with abandon & take a chance on something new. This is also an excellent time to re-evaluate your relationship with money & possessions, to tune into what will truly make you happy. Your focus this week should be on your body & the routines that bring it balance: good food, exercise, time outside in nature & the company of those you care about. Celebrate! Rejoice! It’s a new day, a new cycle full of promise…


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