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Capricorn Full Moon

muriel angel of emotion

Muriel “Angel of Emotion” by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Tomorrow July 1, 2015 late in the day the powerful Capricorn Full Moon will rise counter balanced by the Sun in emotional Cancer. Over the past few years I have written about the themes surrounding this lunation herehere & here highlighting the energies resonating around us & through us at this time. This Moon is about how we share ourselves, specifically how we share what we cherish. The strength of the sea-goat encourages us to creep out of our shell & boldly offer a piece of ourselves into the world.

Sandalphon "Angel of Power" by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Sandalphon “Angel of Power” by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Woman At Peace by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Woman At Peace by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Art has always played a major part in my life as I come from a long line of painters, illustrators & sculptors. Nearly every moment growing up was smudged in paint & charcoal. Most of my earliest memories include warming clay in my hands for my Grannie to shape, the sting of turpentine sharp in my nose, long afternoons shadowing someone searching for just the right composition, discussions on the merits of cerulean vs azure & endless lectures on the importance of shading. “LIGHT is nothing without SHADOW my Great Uncle would often loudly declare. It was a natural extension of my personality to want to pair beautiful images with my blog pieces, to embellish my words with imagery, to share what inspires me.

I Manifest by Nathan Jalani Taylor

I Manifest by Nathan Jalani Taylor

One of the artists that I have featured before on my blog  Nathan Jalani Taylor is currently offering his work for sale at very reasonable prices in an effort to support his studio for the summer through a crowd-funding campaign. His art is highly emotional with powerful spiritual reflections, a beautiful foil for this Full Moon. I really appreciate his style, both the crisp illustrations that remind me so much of mandalas as well as the highly evocative splatter series. I encourage you to peruse his work & fund a great cause while acquiring a piece of beauty for your own. And find inspiration this Full Moon to share yourself!

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