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New Gemini Moon

Today June 16, 2015 we are graced with the New Moon rising in the mercurial sign of Gemini. A New Moon brings beginnings, fresh perspectives & initiations. The freedom loving air sign gives this lunation a loquacious vibe as it is the master communicator. The twins leave us with the reflective thoughts “What is it (I am/you are) trying to say?”.


As quixotic Gemini embodies the energies of articulation & expression the New Moon can provide us an opportunity to evaluate the way that we use these vital skills. Remember that communication is as much about hearing as it is about talking. Are you truly listening or simply assuming? How much are you actually awake, aware & attentive to everything shown to you? Do you pay attention to what is being said? Can you hear your guides? What is that message the cosmos is whispering to you? Is your truth clear?

One Response to “New Gemini Moon”

  1. 1 StarRay Blake says:

    Ahhh, sigh of relief as the new moon brings new auspicious times as the waxing begins so to shall our thoughts create the desired outcomes of all previous planning.