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Blue Aquarius Moon

normal_03856-A-Bedouin-woman--Tunis--TunisiaTomorrow Friday July 31, 2015 we will be blessed with a Full Blue Moon in the visionary sign of Aquarius counterbalanced by the Sun in generous & gregarious Leo. A Full Moon is a time of culmination as well as heightened emotion & powerful magic. This particular Moon illuminates the energy of the quirky, eclectic Water Bearer & the proud, regal Lion. Deep thinking meets magnanimous leadership. Thoughtful action, profound understanding of self, vanity in spirit. It’s a Moon for recognizing your value, understanding yourself & finding new ways to explore the world around you.



bedouin woman toplessA Blue Moon is one wrapped in mystery & mysticism, thought to be highly auspicious & bursting with potential for bizarre happenings. They only happen once about every 2 to 3 years & are associated with eclecticism, the extra-ordinary as well as the sublime. Expect the unexpected the next few days as the wild weird energy of the Blue Moon is given a dose of spiritualism by Aquarius with a boost of courage from Leo. There is a darker side to these energies to be aware of as they can create an environment ripe for airing grievances & releasing pent up emotions. Be kind to yourself & others during the volatile weekend! As long as your release is done with compassion, awareness & conscious communication this can be a wonderful opportunity to truly let go of what has been holding you back. Bare yourself with love & pride!


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