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Super Pisces Full Moon

Tomorrow afternoon August 29, 2015 we are blessed with a Super Moon in insightful Pisces. This is the first of three intense lunations where the Moon comes extra close to us here on earth, strengthening its influence on our emotions, expectations & energies. Now is the time for dreams to become de facto, for spirit to slip into syzygy, for the esoteric to be evidenced in the everyday.


“Pisces” by Jo Flasher

The sensitive water sign of Pisces focuses us on our common longing for creativity & our inner search for understanding through expression. It is the sign of fantasy & the imagination, the sign of poets & the devotee. This is when we are not just encouraged but compelled to create & compose, to connect & confer. The desire to integrate spirit into our daily lives becomes even stronger making this the best time for meditation, magics & manifesting. Pisces energy is all about nurturing a lasting connection with the Divine so make sure to spend time in nature, in contemplative reflection & within Spirit this weekend.

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