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Super Aries Full Moon Eclipse

Late in the evening on Sunday, September 27th, 2015 we will be graced with a Super Full Moon Eclipse in Aries. While we are more inclined to release & relinquish what isn’t working during a Full Moon, the energy of an Eclipse magnifies the chance for change tenfold. Be prepared for transformation, be ready for revolution, expect to shed.

"The Goddess of Aries" by Roberta Orpwood of SoulBird Art

“The Goddess of Aries” by Roberta Orpwood of SoulBird Art

The fiery sign of Aries is imbued with passion, impetuousness & undeniable personal power. This is a raw energy that will be encouraging us to do & act in vibrant, confident ways. Relationships are the highlight of this lunation & with Mercury in retrograde communications are to be approached with great care. Take your time to make sure that you are fully understanding what others are trying to say & that you are being clearly understood. Change can be stressful but you can alleviate some of the tensions through mindfulness. Make sure to take a moment to gather your self, to breath & reflect on your ultimate goals before you succumb to the desire to act, speak or do. The urge forward must be balanced with thoughtfulness for ultimate success so try to temper yourself & harness the energy rather then letting it goad you unnecessarily into a rush of action. There is great power in this Supercharged Aries Moon to assist you in transforming your life, ready or not.

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