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Virgo New Moon Eclipse

imageDeep in the Dark overnight tonight September 12, 2015 we will be graced by a Solar Eclipse during which the Virgo New Moon will bloom. Even if we do not get to see this lunation, we are likely to feel its effect reverberating throughout the next 6 months. A New Moon is always a time of changes but the energy of the solar eclipse magnifies this potent vibration to inescapable intensity. Now is the time to shift, begin & transform.

1edcf37f38028f38f274901990df8d5fThe energy of Virgo is grounded, nurturing, creative & supportive. There are many ways the aspects of this earth sign can help us embrace change as she is strong in organization, determination, thoroughness & attention to details. Hard working Virgo is all about rolling up your sleeves to get the work done & having a sense of satisfaction in completing a task. This is also a sign that encourages us to pay attention to our bodies, our balance between work & play, our mental stability as well as our health in general so this is likely to be where we are going to feel compelled to make adjustments.


During this season of metamorphosis we are encouraged to find ourselves healthier patterns, clearer thoughts & more productive attitudes. Are you focused enough with your nutrition, sleep schedule, play time & exercise routine? Is it time to get a new job? Ready to take the plunge? Can you hear the siren song leading you to adventure? This New Moon Eclipse will support you in finding yourself in a healthier, stronger, clearer space in your life.



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