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October Libra New Moon Musings

Today we are graced with a New Moon in centered Libra galvanizing our need for balance through acceptance. One of the things I love the most about the New Moon is how it clears the way for new interpretations, inspirations & insights. This lunation in particular entices us to share our inner selves, embrace our true nature & engage with authenticity.

The energy of Libra encourages us to love our beautiful selves as we truly are rather then how me might be. We are all perfect in our imperfection. It’s okay to fall down, it’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to be wrong, sometimes the best things for us hurt & failure can always lead to success. As long as you honor, love & accept yourself through every moment. Warts & all!

Embrace your darkness, hug your muffin-top, love your wrinkles, share your doubts, allow yourself to be your own rather then another’s idea of you or worse, some elevated expectation of perfection. Enjoy the moment of where you are, wherever you are because you are in process. You are incomplete, you are a work in progress & have so much more to do, see, be. Your life is a journey & the destination is transformation. Now is when you try your best while letting go of the rest, balance is achieved easier when you stop resisting. So let go & allow for yourself, you might just be surprised at how amazing you already are.

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