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Gemini Full Moon

Tomorrow November 25, 2015 just after dusk we will be blessed by a Full MOON in whimsical Gemini countered by the Sun in thoughtful Sagittarius. This lunation focuses on the mental axis of our desires & our dreams while acting as a threshold into a powerful transit occurring the next day between Neptune (mystery) & Saturn (form). The echos of this celestial arrangement will resonate transformation into & through the next year as you work through the opposing principles between reality & dreams to show how they can merge into one.

You might find that what you thought was solid has now become ephemeral. What you thought you wanted, no longer is appealing. You have achieved & now find yourself compelled in a new direction. You are at a cross roads & the way you expected to proceed doesn’t feels relevant. What worked before now seems irrelevant. Your dreams are changing, your path is shifting, your way is mutating. These changes between real & imagination, between truth & reality are transforming the dynamic of your existence.

This Full Gemini MOON is brimming with potential to help ease you into the shift. The dualistic nature of the sign of the twins can help you gain forward momentum through balance. Go with the flow but be thoughtful in your choices. The way is bright & unknown, familiar & mysterious. Be prepared to change yourself by embracing who you are more fully. Trust in the MOON to show you the way that is best for you. Not what you think or what you know or what you expect. The way is one that is felt as you move closer to your personal truth.


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