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New Scorpio Moon

Tomorrow October 11, 2015 we will be graced with a New Moon in mysterious Scorpio. The guiding principal of this powerful water sign is “I desire” & it’s rebel energy is willing to step outside any box or burst any bubble to accomplish it’s goals. It’s a rock & roll lunation! Boundary breaking, intensely emotional, subversive & visionary. The sign of the scorpion resonates with the characteristics of discipline & intuition, lending the ability to discern the hidden meanings & inner workings of people & situations with ease. This master sleuther knows exactly what is needed, where to get it & has the determination to make it happen. I get what I want!

The power of this Moon is in enabling us to receive potent insights & enlightening understandings in how to attain our desires. Scorpio asks us to focus on quality over quantity so this is a good time to narrow your vision onto what it is you most desire. Let go of ego centered petty wants, focus on what truly calls to your soul. Target a specific project, circumstance or relationship & focus all your being on understanding how you can enfold it or embrace it more fully into your reality for your best good. If you allow, the Scorpio influence will show you the most effective yet unexpected way towards success, unorthodox epiphanies abound! This Dark Moon can illuminate the way to being your extraordinary badass self so that you may rejoice in passion & verve, live your life with intent & fierceness. Revel in the provocative Scorpio New Moon that is willing to share it’s potent insights. Rock on!

Young Woman with Pink Hair & Black Cross by Suzzanne Bennett

Young Woman with Pink Hair & Black Cross by Suzzanne Bennett


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