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New Sagittarius Moon

8035ca9661bc1407232e80278861f986Early in the morning December 11, 2015 we are blessed with a New Moon in the sign of straight shooting Sagittarius. The dark of the Moon is a time of beginnings & fresh perspectives often bringing change or surprises into our lives. This is the last New Moon of the current year providing a great source of positivity to empower our preparation for 2016. While the mantra “go with the flow” is the a beneficial vibration for accomplishing goals, planning & organizing can help our monkey minds settle in for the ride.


9efcac5b108deb98c853a3028a513fd6.image.217x348Sagittarius resonates strongly with the energy of enthusiasm, honesty, adventurousness & independence. This is a sign of determination & clear hearted seeking of truth. The archer has keen sight & a knack for understanding what’s ahead. Trust in your gut & listen to your intuitions now more then ever! This New Moon is brimming with unexpected opportunities to bring positive changes into your life. These are great influences to help support your visioning the coming year. Anything you want to create has to start first with being able to envision it. You can use the power of this upbeat New Moon to support you in creating the future that you aspire to.


tumblr_lx2u730XSe1r9py8wo1_540As this joyous New Moon blooms with optimism for your future endeavors it is a perfect time to set some intentions & create some organizational planning for the coming year. Spend some time over the weekend envisioning exactly what it is you want & how you will feel when you have it. A key of Manifesting is being able to see what you desire & feeling the acquiring of it deeply. Use the energies at your disposal during this lunation to give detail & emotional content to your goals as you dream your future into reality. Trust you are being guided to receiving all you seek!



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