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Capricorn New Moon

imgres-2Today January 9, 2016 we are graced with a New Moon in the cardinal earth sign of the Sea-goat. Capricorn energy resonates strongly with the themes of order, resourcefulness, hard work & determination. We will feel inclined towards practicality, logical organization & nurturing our dreams in a realistic fashion which would be a lovely way to start the New Year except for pesky Mercury in Retrograde. That alignment will transform our lunation from a time of beginning into a time of preparation.

Aegipan-The-Sea-Goat_artThere is a lot written about Mercury in Retrograde being just about the worst time ever for anything everything ALLthings & everyone should crawl into a hole for the next few weeks to hide! But there are constructive ways to harness this energy for yourself & use it to your advantage. Yes, there can be an increase in wonky wack-a-doo situations but we are also given the opportunity to slooow things down, take a second (or third) look, really come to an understanding of what is happening (or has happened) & absorb our experiences on a deeper level. Rather then jumping into your next adventure take this time to mimic Mercury & take a look back.

b1424e8e5e211ba945bcdb8abac219b7Intense yet reasonable Capricorn energy will be streaming over us from the New Moon throughout this weekend so use it to assess your current situation, relationship or environment to really take stock of where you are. Review the progress you have made towards your goals, what seems to be working or not working? Determine your triggers as well as your tendencies, do they serve your goals? Study how you truly feel about your situation, are you making decisions based on obligation or from your heart? Give yourself a chance to process your achievements thus far, was the reward worth the work? Take another look at what it is you are working towards, what is it you really want?

9932872-capricorn-sea-goat-illustrationBefore we can start on a fresh course we need to get a better understanding of what has worked for us in the past, where we were vs where we are (& where we don’t want to return to), how we have evolved thus far & in what ways we wish to shift further with the intent of better refining our experience to be one of deep joy & success. Take advantage of the serious Capricorn New Moon energy to get your bearings on where you are so you can better navigate your way to where you want to be. Every good sea-goat loves a detailed pro*con list! But you don’t have to go it alone, please feel free to contact me if you are in need of a helping hand in your process.

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