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Full Leo Moon

Tomorrow January 23, 2016 we will be blessed with a Full Moon in mighty Leo, the sign of the lion. This intense lunation is boosted by other cosmic happenings this weekend increasing the chances that it will be a highly emotional & chaotic couple of days. The lion wants to roar & mother nature is feeling it too!


Leo is a sign of power, charisma & creativity that just wants to strut & boast; to make a scene to be seen. If we are not careful this bold energy will push us into being loud, demanding & an arrogant bully. But if we stay heart-centered & compassionate, mindful & aware we can harness this tendency for drama into a creative outlet. The Tarot card Strength (represented by eternal 8) embodies the themes that we want to focus on during this lunation: self-mastery, mind over matter, soothing the feral beast, higher good over ego & a general sense of conquering fears to put your best self forward.


With winter finally upon us it is a great opportunity to hunker down to spend some time with ourselves to highlight & inspire the best versions or ourselves. I encourage you to make a list of things you love about yourself. 8 physical things (feature or ability) as well as 8 non-physical things (a characteristic or quality). Really take some time to think about yourself, appreciate who you are & the way you present to the world. Then share those aspects of YOU in a different or unique way. Find inspiration from a famous piece of art you admire to take some creative selfies, pull together an outfit that reflects your personal style & the energy you wish to project, make a mix of songs that reflect your personality, collage magazine pictures of all your favorite things, write a poem or journal about an important experience that helped shape who you are or cook your favorite dishes for a special 5 course meal. Then share your creations with someone & encourage them to do the same. Celebrate each of us, we are all awesome in wonderfully unique ways. There is plenty of room in this vast universe for all of us to sparkle so let your best you shine in the light of the Full Leo Moon!


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