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Aquarius New Monkey Moon

momey-in-bowlToday February 8, 2016 we are graced with a New Moon in the sign of the water bearer: Aquarius. This lunation also marks the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology. The themes of surprise, unexpected & great opportunities, of forward momentum & incredible transformation will resonate through this New (no) Moon & throughout the coming year.

drunk-monkey-sgiannini-copyAquarius is the sign of the humanitarian: brotherhood, social pursuits, community action & group activities will demand your attention. This unique energy vibrates with individuality & inventiveness drawing in the new & unusual, promoting change & innovation while relishing in radical discovery. You will feel more comfortable rethinking your plans, rearranging your goals & reprioritizing your life through objective review. Take a leap (this is a leap year after all) into something new, dare to be different & try an unfamiliar way of being.

monkey-manhattan-s-gianniniThe Monkey embodies trail blazing confidence & is the ultimate entertainer extraordinaire, combined with the eclectic Aquarian vibe of the New Moon we can expect a zany feel to permeate the coming year. 2016 will be ripe with strange discoveries, wild adventures, bizarre happenings & fortunes found or unmade in the blink of a monkeys eye. Maybe it’s a party, maybe it’s a protest, may be a little of both! This is no boring business as usual year. The energy is quick as momentum builds; progress & unpredictability rein supreme. Now is a time of luck, a time of kismit & a time of change.

It’s a threshold year, a 9 year that resonates with deep transformation, ready to propel you forward through the doorway into the next phase of your experience. This is a year to ride the weird waves: listen to your gut, trust you, believe in yourself to read the cues to know best when to let go, when to hold on & when to jump. Then do it! Practice objectivity, detach from the past & focus on recognizing what you really need so you can relinquish what you don’t. Fire Monkey knows you can’t win them all but sometimes fortune smiles with failure. Keep in mind, the over reaching themes for this year are of positive forward momentum, happy results & the inspiration to achieve the impossible. Monkey says it’s going to be an interesting year!


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