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Virgo Full Moon

02/22/2016 we are graced with a Full Moon in Virgo counter balanced with the Sun in Pisces. I wrote an inspired piece about this dynamic here and then another one here last year. I am very proud of these posts so go read them then come back, I want to share something else with you….

Do you know that you are wonderful? Are you aware of how perfect your are in even your worst moment? Can you see that you are a reflection of flawlessness just as you are, right this very second? You don’t need to wait, do one more thing, change into something else, give up a habit, complete another task or accomplish anything; you are perfection! Cellulite & grey hair, pimples & flakes, too this or not enough that: is all an illusion. Your value as a human being is encoded in your DNA & cannot be diminished. YOU are a precious gift in every moment of your life!

When you make a mistake, it is an opportunity to fine tune not a reflection of your value. If things are falling apart it is only because those things weren’t going to work out for your best good & you deserve better. Even when you get mad & lose your temper, you cannot lose your worth. In your pj’s with cereal in your hair or business casual & sharply buttoned up, unemployed or prosperous, coupled or single, without make-up or freshly made, no matter where you find yourself in your life: You are DIVINE just as you are!

So take a moment today to feel that. A deep breath & some time to wrap yourself in your grace. Treasure the treasure that you are. Relish in your excellence. Appreciate all that you are, all that you have, all that you always are. We are marvels of movement & moments, life & emotion, a spark of light dancing through a chaotic world. Your list can wait, those tasks aren’t going anywhere, there is still more you want to do; just not right now. Right now take the time. Right now take that moment. Be grateful for who you are: rejoice in yourself, you are spectacular!


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