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March Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

Wednesday March 23, 2016 early in the morning we are blessed with a full MOON in gentle Libra eclipsed by the Sun in powerful Aries. This is a magical & potent time brimming with possibilities as shadows reveal truth, connection are made or broken & the hidden is illuminated as the Sun tangos briefly with the MOON. A Lunar eclipse shines a spotlight of understanding on our relationships creating an opportunity for transformation, the impulse to embrace our true selves & the supportive synergy of the cosmos to achieve our potential. Anything is possible!

The energy of an eclipse tends to create a ‘crisis of lack’ where we suddenly become acutely aware of a great & urgent need or want that must be attended to. We may use this powerful momentum to sever a relationship or to strengthen our resolve to retain a bond. The ‘relationship’ may not be between two people; we could very well find ourselves triggered regarding our work, our health, our homes, our faith or our passion. We can expect the effects to resonate for up to six months so what begins now may not fulfill until fall.

This MOON brings with it a time when things previously unknown break free & become insistently conscious. Truth cannot hide in this shadow, it is instead illuminated & confirmed. It is a time when we can tap into our own Divine nature & align ourselves with our ultimate potential. This lunation can precipitate great changes & emotional turmoil but these vibrations can be alleviated through meditation, journaling & mindfulness. Take time for a rose oil salt bath, engage in soul exhibitionism or sojourn to your higher self to ease your passage through this transformative time of birth, rebirth & the beginning of something entirely new.


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