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New Moon Eclipse in Pisces

“Glenda Mermaid” by Juliette of DarlingRomeo

March 8, 2016 we are blessed with a New Moon in mystical Pisces highlighted with a Solar Eclipse. This is a time for great healing & change! As I wrote here fishy Pisces is the most deep & spiritual of the zodiac signs, with the extra boost from the Eclipse we are encouraged to dig into our soul work & illuminate our true selves. This is a mermaids MOON, brimming with magic & transformational energy ready to guide you through a sea of potentiality. Are you prepared to shed the illusion of powerlessness? Can you hear the mermaids song calling you to be the best version of yourself?

“Rhonda Mermaid” by Juliette of DarlingRomeo

Someone recently asked me how I trained to do what I do. The reality is, I’ve been working at it my whole life. I’ve been that person that others seek advice from for as long as I can remember. Strangers, friends, peers & the powerful have approached me since I was young to ask for my input or seek my council. I have been asked to weigh in on a million different subjects from inane to profound & often deeply personal. People seem to instinctively know that I am someone you can rely on, feel supported by & trust in even before I realized it myself. Ultimately, I didn’t learn my vocation, I became a clearer version of who I always was as I transformed into my true self. My training involved embracing who I am.

“Sasha Mermaid” by Juliette of DarlingRomeo

Just over ten years ago I experienced a catalyzing series of events; I got a divorce, then I lost my job followed quickly by losing my house. I was a single mother with two small children at my personal rock bottom: unemployed, unhealthy & unhappy. I thought I needed to figure out how to be something else, how to be someone different & stronger. Providence brought me the right people with the right tools at just the right time & I discovered I simply needed to uncover my true self. I had an awakening of my soul & came to understand my worth. I came to recognize who I really am & how to live my life with JOY. Over the last decade I’ve explored my gifts & honed my skills while I learned how to forgive myself, how to release judgement, rejoice in my body & relish in this beautiful life I find myself living. I’ve since found love, built my business & I proudly walk my path as my journey continues to unfold. Now I empower others to do the same through sharing myself & doing what I was meant to do. I do women’s work: I heal, I nurture, I support & I love.

“Peg Mermaid” by Juliette of DarlingRomeo

As I touched on here 2016 is the year of transformation but this doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an entirely new person (even though half fish – all woman does have a nice ring to it!), more often it’s about becoming an undimmed version of yourself. Relationships, stress & doubt can diffuse your inner light & this Pisces New Moon is the perfect lunation to get to the difficult work of uncovering who you really are, to let YOU shine. I had someone to guide me & now I am that someone for others so you don’t have to go it alone! Looking for love, searching for happiness, seeking health, wanting peace, desiring to de-stress, needing clarity or just looking for someone to listen who understands: these are all things I can help you with. Whether you are close by or far away – almost where you want to be or near your personal bottom – I can help you uncover your light, just give me a call.

“Edith Mermaid” by Juliette of DarlingRomeo


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