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Aries Super New Moon


Four Elements: Fire by Elena Kotliarker

Today April 8th 2016 we are graced with a Super New Moon in fiery Aries. At this time, during the dark of the Moon, is when the energy is ripe for us to manifest, initiate & create. It’s a great week to embrace the positive attributes of the sign of the Ram: to take action, to try something innovative & go at it with gusto; to be assertive without being abrasive; to take charge of our lives & discover our own personal courage. This lunation is the perfect time to start something, to take that leap of faith because this is when the adventure begins, this is when we make it happen!

We are also strongly affected at this time by the presence of eclectic Uranus. This renegade planet makes the impossible probable, the unusual everyday & creates dynamic change through synergy. It shakes things up & welcomes the strange, it breaks the rules & lets the magic reign. Uranus tells us that if we remain flexible & open: anything is possible. Be willing to shift your perspective & Uranus will show you the unexpected way in which you can move forward with confidence.


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