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Scorpio Full Moon

Tomorrow April 22, 2016 in the wee hours before dawn we will be blessed by a Full MOON in intense Scorpio counter balanced by the Sun in sensual Taurus. This dynamic highlights the tension between spirit & physical, between I desire & I have. Taurus wants to take no chances but Scorpio wants to see just how far you can go. It’s also Earth Day & Our Mother smiles on us with opportunities for growth & celebration in the light of the MOON.


The energies at play over the next few days operate on opposing planes so tensions may be high & emotional outburst should be expected. Be kind to yourself & to others as it could be a difficult weekend for some. Scorpio craves change, seeks transformation & pushes into the thick of things seeking to find beauty in the chaotic dreamy abyss. Stable Taurus desires security & safety, always practical & prepared with a firm grip on reality. The key to finding balance is in being flexible & open to allowing these divergent energies to work together for your betterment.
This moment offers a wellspring of information so that you can make clearer decisions & better know which way you need to propel yourself towards your goals.


This MOON is all about finding our (taurus) strength & stability by (scorpio) unveiling truths, discovering whats been hidden & finding an appreciation of the deeper meanings. This is when secrets are revealed, when we come to an “ah-ha” & epiphanies uncover what’s been right in front of us all along. Over the weekend spend some time being open to receiving new understanding, ask for clarity in area’s where you have been struggling & allow this lunation to illuminate your truth. Honor Our Mother & Yourself this Earth Day with a hike in the woods, sit by a clear creek or stroll through a garden & let clarity find you. Revel in discovery & let yourself be comforted in knowing that the TRUTH will set you free! Knowledge is Power & this MOON is all about gaining enlightenment to empower you as you seek your joy.



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