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Sagittarius Full Moon

Tomorrow May 21, 2016 in the evening we will be blessed with a Full MOON in straight shooting Sagittarius counter balanced by the Sun in capricious Gemini. This axis highlights the tension between intellect & intuition, between outward & inward.

The coquet Gemini energy encourages communication, connection & courageousness. The audacious archer Sagittarius favors action, adventure & articulation. These two signs reflect the dynamic of understanding by mirroring the mental (gemini) process of analysis & the intuitive (sagittarian) process of knowing. This lunation will illuminate new understandings while unveiling secrets & exposing truths.

Also being thrown into the mix is some combative retrograde energy from Mars while Mercury comes to a stop mired in misunderstandings both of which will influence many to act excessively assertive or overly impulsive & conclusions will be jumped to in abundance. When you observe what’s come to light in the Full Moon, it may be best to keep it to yourself. Make notes & observations but stall your decisions making process for later. Feel confidant sharing your thoughts, feelings & new discoveries with those you are closest to (partners & close friends) but it would be best to keep most others out of the loop. There will be some crazy energy this weekend & many may find themselves short tempered, aggressive & prone to emotional outbursts. Stay sane people! It’s just the MOON.




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