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Taurus Super New Moon

bull flowerToday May 6, 2016 is a New Moon in sensual Taurus, the sign of doing & being with confidence. A New Moon offers us an opportunity to start something fresh, begin a project, manifest a divergent path, discover a different way or set new intentions. This is a particularly powerful lunation with an extra push towards creativity, inspiration & a special connectivity to our body. We are encouraged to move, shake things up, listen to our physical needs, nourish ourselves & embrace our worth. There is however a hint of caution in the air since we are in the middle of a historic retrograde dance party which is inspiring a heavy, somewhat tense & thoughtful tone. This does not mean stop (the enthusiastic bull would never stand for that) but it does mean take your time as you navigate this next few days & be especially mindful of your limits. This is not the time to test your endurance or see just how far you can go. If you are ready though, & feeling the urge, this Dark of the Moon will support you in your grand manifesting as I wrote about here. The lesson with this particular Taurus Super New Moon is that while the early bird may get the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese. Be confidently cautious, take your time & pay close attention to your intuition so that you may get what you want….. in due time.


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