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Blue Sagittarius Full Moon

dc7d5c73f24bf7b49b760c3699f2dcd7On the morning of Monday June 20, 2016 we are blessed with a second Sagittarius Full Moon making it a Blue Moon for Summer Solstice. Our last Full Moon was in the adventure loving archer so this lunation pumps up the vibration of understanding to an even greater intensity. Get ready to question what you believe & why. It’s time you know the truth.

imgres-1The strong pull of the Full Moon encourages us to open up & let go, it is a time of surrender & vulnerability. As the Sagittarius influence has us focused on what we know, the next few days is prime time for relinquishing old thought patters, letting go of bias & recognizing that what we learned previously may not serve us in this new paradigm. This is a time of unexpected enlightenment & epiphanies, new understandings & shifting beliefs. It’s time to cast off the old ways & embrace a new understanding of our place in the world.

imgres-2Each of us is here with a purpose. We come into this existence with certain ingrained challenges that when overcome, allow us to live freely to fulfill that purpose. This Moon will encourage us to face our personal demons, biases & preconceived notions head on to embrace a new truth. Our personal truth that may not rely on social norms, parental approval or religious dogma to be true. A personal truth that resounds strongly from within our heart. The light of this Sagittarius Blue Moon will illuminate the way to overcome what’s been holding you back & celebrate the truth in your soul. It’s time to stand up for yourself, recognize your place & celebrate the divine being that is you!



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