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New Moon in Gemini

Today June 4, 2016 late in the evening we are graced with a New Moon in communicative Gemini. A New Moon is about beginnings & this particular lunation is a perfect time for setting some intentions.

This may be the year of endings (transformation is about letting go) but we are coming closer to the year of fresh starts & it’s time to start looking to the future so that we may begin to create our path. The key of this effusive Gemini New Moon is to embrace the energy of self expression & empower yourself to share your true hearts desires.

Escape by Emma Leonard

Escape by Emma Leonard

Take some time this weekend to journal, list & brainstorm about your goals & intentions. Be specific if you can (I will lose 25 pounds by the holiday season) or more general if that feels better (I will seek balance in my life) perhaps a longstanding evolution (My intent is to attract like-minded & compassionate friends to enrich my community experience) or more practical (I am open to new opportunities to expand professionally & create more stability in my finances) or even something everlasting (I will live each day in gratitude & work to release myself from petty frustrations).

Whatever it is that comes to mind, however it is you feel clearly expresses your inner needs for your best future, put it to paper & release it into the world. Getting what you want starts with understanding what you want & the loquacious Gemini energy will help you articulate this New Moon. So mote it be!

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