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July New Moon in Cancer

On Monday July 4, 2016 we are blessed on our Independence Day with a New Moon in Cancer, the ultimate sign of the feminine Divine. This watery embodiment of nurturing exudes a soothing vibration that encourages us to seek the sea & wash our miseries away, abandoning them for emotional, spiritual & physical well being. There has been a lot of intense cosmic happenings lately that have been difficult for many of us to navigate with grace. This New Moon we are provided the opportunity to release what’s been holding us back & gently move forward into self-love. No nitty gritty analysis required, no painful soul searching will be demanded; acceptance is all that is asked for. Acceptance of self, acceptance of the love you deserve & acceptance of the power that is within you to change your life for the better. Are you ready to be free? Ready for independence from your tragedies, from your inner demons & your struggle? All you need is to allow this New Cancer Moon to wash away whatever has been holding you back so that you may move forward with strength into joy. Release your fear, let go of the hurt, forgive others as well as yourself.

Dive into the deep & trust.

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